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Alaska Budtender Awards Page

This image has several logos of the sponsors of the recent Budtender Awards
this image has a list of the previous winners from the last budtender awards

Two Rounds of Voting Right Here on This Page
Round 1 - Nominate Your Favorites For Each Location
Round 2 - Vote for Winners of the 13 Awards 

The cannabis community is growing and now is a great time to celebrate the success of the industry with the Annual Budtender Awards! 

Each set of awards or regions, will have two rounds of voting; one to nominate budtenders from across the area and the second to pick the winners of the trophies! It all starts as we begin the nominations and voting for each individual retail. Each Budtender’s name will be listed on the voting site, broken down by shop, for 2 weeks. After this voting is completed, winners at each location will be recognized and presented with a swag bag from our sponsors and a lanyard announcing their nomination.

Each person that won at their individual retail, is now nominated for the 12 awards, which people will vote on for another 2 weeks, immediately following nominations. These awards include: “Most Knowledgeable”, “Most Friendly”, “Budtender of the Year” and many more! There will also be 3 awards for the industry “People’s Choice Cultivation”, “People’s Choice Retail”, and “People’s Choice Extract Lab”.  Winners will be announced immediately following voting  and awards will be delivered shortly after.

Any Questions you can email or call 907-203-0621

terpene master
tech tender
most unique
most knowledgeable
most involved
most helpful
concentrate master
flower master
most memorable
most friendly
budtender of the year
edibles master
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