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Ad Placement

Do you get phone calls from random marketers trying to sell you products that are hard to understand? We act as a firewall and funnel for your marketing opportunities. We listen to their pitches and bring you the relevant information and pricing, along with our recommendations. Radio, TV, Digital, Affiliate, Print, Social Media and more, we can place the ads for you and you only get on marketing bill.

Radio Ad Placment

Michael C actually started in radio in Wasilla, Alaska. He helped build 95.5 The Pass, and later worked for Ohana Media in Alaska for 6 stations. With this experience comes the knowledge on great deals in radio and when to buy.

TV Ad Placement

Everybody loves TV, It's just changed over the years. From cable to streaming, we can help you find a solution for your small business, without breaking your bank. Plus, we can help you create a unique and attention grabbing ad.

Social Media Ad Placment

Tired of spending money on Facebook and Instagram and hitting a plateau? Michael C Marketing in El Mirage, AZ can help you get your small business grow on social media.

Digital Ad Placement

Are you hoping to reach new people with your business through digital marketing. We can help sort out all the BS from what will really help your business. Contact us today to learn more about our unique digital packages.

Print Ad Placement

Does your demographic in Arizona read magazines or papers? We can help you find the best options for your money while also creating the ad itself. And yeah, people do still read magazines and papers...

Text Service

Many clients are having success with text messaging services. It targets the people who are already interested in your business and rewards them for coming back.

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